A locksmith is a life saviour if you’re stuck with a messy locked door or wardrobe. However, most people hire a locksmith only for opening locked doors and wardrobes. If you’ve locked yourself out of the car and cannot find the keys, a locksmith can help you. They have more than one tick up their sleeves and can magically open almost any kind of lock.


A professional locksmith will easily open any lock from a locked car, bike locks, safes, garage doors to a wardrobe. They don’t need a key for the same. They have tools and can do magic with their fingers. Hire one and see them unlock everything within minutes. Moreover, if you’ve lost the keys, a locksmith can easily duplicate the same.


Without proper help from the locksmith, you might not be able to get your valuables out from the locked safes and wardrobes. Moreover, you’ll even get 24-hour locksmiths in Brighton for emergency cases nowadays. In case you’re stuck with a locked door or locked car in the middle of the night, then you can easily go ahead and call a 24-hour locksmith for the service.

Why do you need a locksmith’s service?

To unlock safes and wardrobes

Losing the key to the wardrobe or the safe is common and might happen anytime. Keys get misplaced all the time. If you have got a combination lock and forgot the combination, unlocking can be next to impossible. If you’ve encountered such a situation lately, don’t panic. Accidents and memory loss are an integral part of every human life. Remember that a locksmith is there to save you and get you out of such messy situations. Hire a professional service, and they will effectively open any combination lock.

To unlock bike locks

Losing the key of the bike is also a common thing. Amidst the busy schedules, bike keys may fall or get lost in transit. You can try the hairpin trick, and however, if you’re not an expert, there’ll hardly be any success. Bring the locksmith into the picture and see the result. They will open your bike lock without wasting a minute.

To unlock garage doors

Sometimes you might end up standing in front of the jammed garage door with all efforts of opening the same going into vain. What to do in such a case? Hiring a locksmith is the most basic answer to the problem. They’ll quickly identify the issues, open the door and fix the problem as well. Similarly, if you’ve been locked inside the garage and unable to come out, use your phone and call an emergency locksmith service to get you out of the mess.


To unlock panic rooms

Generally, a panic room is constructed where the inhabitants plan to hide and take shelter if their home is invaded by unwanted visitors, burglars, or goons. These rooms are generally built at three places within the house: the basement, the loft, and the wall. However, they are rarely used under normal circumstances. Hence, in high probabilities, the lock might get stuck at times. For instance, if you’ve not opened the panic room for the last 10 or 20 years, then it’s next to impossible to open the same now. However, hiring a professional locksmith can solve this problem. They have an advanced set of tools to open old and new locks.


At Haines Security Ltd, you’ll get 24-hour locksmiths in Brighton who can effectively handle all types of locks. Our locksmiths use advanced tools to open any lock. Check our website for further details.