Like other mechanical devices, your doors locks demands complete care and maintenance. Locksmiths are not only useful to repair the locks or help you in a lockout situation. They can also offer you tips on how to maintain your door locks well to enjoy a longer service with complete efficiency.

Different types of doors need different kinds of locks. They all require regular and proper maintenance to offer superior performance for the longest period possible.

With decent quality locks, maintenance hassles become lower. This is why experts always suggest investing in branded and premium quality locks. On the other hand, you need to be prepared for frequent maintenance and repairs when you buy local and poor quality locks.

Tips on Door Lock Maintenance

Shut the Door Properly

You should ensure that your door is hung properly. Doors that cannot be hung rightly can cause damages to the locks. A lock is supposed to function correctly only when you can close the door properly. Doors that are not properly closed can create extreme pressure to the lock, which will eventually cause damages and replacement.

Oiling the Good

If you use metal locks, use oil or lubricants to keep various parts of your door locks active and smooth. Oiling the door locks once a month is good for its durability and smooth performance.

Check the Strike Plates and Screws

Your door has multiple gears that help its free and smooth movements. Strike plates and screws are two important parts of your doors. You should check them frequently and maintain these parts to ensure the efficient functioning of the door and the door locks.

Inspect the Deadbolt and Deadlatch

These two are a highly important part of modern day’s locking systems. The deadlatch is a crucial security feature designed for modern locks. Correct alignment of this part with the strike plate is necessary to offer a perfect performance of the lock.

Clean the Locks

Dirt and dust particles or oil and grease can cause jamming in the lock. Only a damp rag can do extremely good to clean these locks and their various parts. You should keep the door locks clean as a part of your house maintenance routine.

As per the experts of Haines Security, these are some of the simple yet important lock maintenance tips that you can follow at your home. We offer 24 hours locksmith services in Portslade and adjoining areas. Please get in touch with us for more information.