When the temperature finally starts to heat up and the snow thaws down, it indicates the arrival of spring. Finally, you break free from the shackles of your cosy home corner and perform some activities. It is also the time when many homeowners plan for a spring break outing.


The Risk of Crimes During the Holiday Season:

A spring break holiday is a nice change of scene where you spend some time with your family outside the home. However, it is also when there is an increased report of trespassing, forced entry or robbery. However, these issues should not refrain you from enjoying the pleasant weather.

How to Protect Home While You Are Away?

For a perfect, worry-free spring break outing, you must follow some safety tips to protect the doors. We have discussed some of them in the following section. These are primary safety suggestions for homeowners from emergency locksmiths in Brighton for home safety.

  • Inform Only the Trusted Ones: Not everyone has to know that you will remain out of station for some days. It may be an undue invitation to burglary and break-ins. You must also follow this tip while announcing your plans on social media platforms. However, it is practical to inform your neighbours or close ones. The neighbours play a crucial role in keeping a tab on your property while you enjoy the spring break.


  • Cancel All Deliveries: You can always hold or cancel some of your subscriptions while you are away. Go online to put a hold on your mail deliveries during the holiday. Communicate with your newspaper delivery personnel about suspending the regular delivery for some days. During this period, it is also prudent not to order anything online.
  • Light Up the Property: Putting on the light after sundown is an effective camouflage for burglars. Nowadays, you can perform this task effectively, thanks to the remote control lighting fixtures. You can check the local time on your phone and light up the rooms, so your home does not look unoccupied. Ensure the doors are secured and all valuables are stored safely.

Following these would make it easier for you to protect your property while on a holiday. However, if you require the help of emergency locksmiths in Brighton, you can always come to Haines Security. We have nearly two decades of professional experience providing 24/7 assistance in lock-related emergencies. For more information, you can visit our website or contact us today.