What if you cannot find the car keys before an important trip? This is a stressful situation that can plunge you into inconvenience. Car lock replacement will not only take time but is also expensive. What should you do under such circumstances? The easiest and quickest option is to call a 24-hour locksmith service that can help you unlock your car as soon as possible.


24-hour locksmiths in Haywards Heath are a beneficial option that helps unlock all types of car doors without causing any damage. From simple traditional keys to smart car keys, these professionals have a solution for all.

How emergency locksmith services can help with car keys?

Make duplicate car keys

An emergency locksmith will instantly help you with a pair of duplicate keys. Instead of going to the dealer or the automobile maker, call a locksmith and get duplicate keys for your car. They use a key duplication machine to make a replica of the original key.


They know about the different types of locks and the make and model of the car. They come prepared with the necessary tools and equipment to unlock the car easily.

Program car keys

Did you misplace the car key? Is your original key damaged? Locksmiths can cut and program a blank car remote. They use an electronic scanner to program the car’s key properly. Calling a locksmith can save you the hassle of visiting the manufacturer to program the key.

Emergency assistance

24-hour locksmiths offer emergency key cutting, programming and duplicating services. They provide immediate responses to customers’ calls. Irrespective of the location, when you call a local 24-hour locksmith, you’ll be provided with service immediately. Security is a top priority for these locksmiths. Hence, they carry reliability certificates and valid ID proof along with them.

Fix damaged fob

Sometimes, the buttons on remote-controlled keys stop working. Under such circumstances, contact locksmiths. They assess and replace either the battery or the buttons on the fob.


Are you locked out of your car? Contact Haines Security Ltd. We offer reliable 24-hour locksmith services for a range of specialities, including access control, lock fitting, lost key duplication, lock repair, lock change, and security grilles.