Imagine coming back after a long tiring day at the office only to find you cannot find the keys to your home?

We tend to lose our house keys when in a rush or unmindful state. Losing the keys becomes troublesome, so consulting the locksmith is the only solution. You should contact the emergency locksmith in Brighton to secure the house in situations like this. They will make a key replacement so you can enter the premises without hassle.

The locksmith will provide you with ample alternatives to access the house if the keys are stolen or misplaced. While the incident is unpleasant and highly stressful, you must remain calm without panicking. Besides, after replacing the key, thinking about the future course of action is also necessary.


Things to Do When You Lose House Keys 

Using the spare key

This method is convenient in getting people out of a lockout circumstance. Having spare keys is highly recommended for people like this. Homeowners prefer to have it hidden in the property, under the doormat or in the flower pot. In the case of a lockout, you can consult the locksmith. They know locks and can inspect them for potential problems. Keys and locks can fail to work anytime. When this happens, trying to open the door can take several minutes. Here, the locksmith can help you replace or repair the damaged locks.


Finding another entry route 

Going into the house through the front door is convenient. However, there are other ways too, like the window, side doors, the back doors etc. So, if you face problems with the lock and key and have trouble entering the household, you can access other entry routes.

In desperation to open the lock, you might end up damaging the door. So, if you find that every entry point is tightly secured, there is no other option but to call the locksmiths. Call the professionals since they can offer you an instant solution and avoid expensive repairs.

Assuming if neither of the steps mentioned above work, calling the locksmith is a wise decision. They are credible and efficient in their service and offer safe, viable solutions. They resolve all lock problems without compromising door safety. You can trust them for a long term, recommended advice.


Other Types of Door Locks

Apart from the traditional lock and key system, you can install modern varieties of locks for the home.

  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Knob Locks
  • Cam Locks
  • Keypad Smart Door Locks
  • Padlocks

At Haines Security Ltd, we provide 24-hour specialised locksmith services. Our emergency locksmith services cater to all customer security requirements. You can avail of our services at competitive prices.