Whatever is the reason why you have misplaced the keys, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to unlock the door without them. People forgetting to take their house keys before leaving home or drivers locking themselves out of their cars is nothing new. Though opening a door without the keys look quite easy, it is not so.

It is a cool skill, and only an experienced locksmith knows how to deal with situations like these. Hiring them becomes necessary every time you face a home lockout or office lockout. A majority of them have years of experience in the industry and know the various ways to unlock a door without the keys.

Few Ways How Locksmiths In Hove Unlock Doors Without Keys

Focus On The Door

There are generally two ways through which homeowners try to unlock a door before hiring locksmiths in Hove. They either kick the door so that the lock gets dislocated from the door jamb or attempt to render the lock ineffective by removing the hinges from the door. The lock-in the door will get disrupted only if a considerable amount of pressure is put on it. Moreover, a broken door lock is more severe than a locked door. This is why hiring an experienced locksmiths is always a wise idea.

Credit Card

Not everyone willing to unlock a lock without the keys is aware of the fact that it can be done using a credit card. This does not necessarily mean that you have to take out the credit card from the wallet. You can use any plastic resin/PVCA solid materials to open the lock forcefully after wedging into the door. The primary advantage of using this method is that you can easily acquire the tools required for this job. You can use this technique for simple latch locks and not on deadbolts and high-security locks.


The core locking mechanism of the lock is overpowered using brute force. Though you can unlock a door by drilling the lock, it will damage it and render it ineffective. You can gain access to your home or office, but you have to hire a 24-hour locksmith in Hove and get new locks installed as soon as possible. The process through which a lock is drilled is quite complicated. You will require a battery-powered or electric drill, a screwdriver, bolt lubricant and an exercise of proper size.

Lock Bumping

Generally, lock bumping done by burglars and criminals to gain access to a home illegally. A negative connotation always lies behind it. Locksmiths use these convenient tools for years to unblock locked doors of their clients. The technique won’t be useful if the door you are willing to unlock has anti-bump features or you want to open a car door. You need a unique set of tools for lock bumping. You can bump a lock successfully only if you have a bump key.

Though there are so many ways through which you can unlock a door without keys, it is always advisable to get in touch with 24-hour locksmiths and let them handle the situation.