With two universities and thousands of students, the city of Brighton has plenty of student accommodations. Some students are going to experience their “home away of home” for the first time in their life in this European city. Along with all the other important matters, these students need to ensure that their accommodation is safe and secure.

Apart from having the contact number of the emergency locksmith services, there are few more things that you should do to keep the security of your student accommodation unharmed.

Tips to Maintain the Security

  1. Inspect the Locks

Yes, you are not an experienced and professional locksmith, but you can understand the condition of the lock through some simple inspections. When you first move in the accommodation, check the locks well to ensure their efficient condition. If you find it hard to use the locks, then inform your agent or the landlord immediately.

  1. Ask for Replacement

If you find something wrong, then never hesitate to ask your landlord or the agent to replace the locks. It is the question of your security, so you should take any chances with the same. Ask for replacement or repairs on an immediate basis to ensure that your accommodation will be in a safe condition.

Emergency Locksmith Contractors

  1. Follow to Insurance Policies

Some of the insurance policies have a special mention for the locks that the property should have to claim the coverage. You must adhere that terms of insurance to get the full support of the policy. If you find that your student accommodation does not have that special kind of lock, then ask your landlord to replace it and provide you with the right type of lock. You can call your local Brighton locksmith to get an idea about the kind of locks you should have as per your insurance policy terms.

  1. Don’t Forget to Lock

Students who are living alone away from their home for the first time tend to forget to lock the doors of their rooms while going out. This is normal at the initial days. However, these days are the most crucial ones. Hence, you should try not to forget to lock the doors and check the locks whenever you go out of your accommodation. Even if you are going to the local grocery store, then also do not keep your doors unlocked because thieves are always looking for such opportunities.

  1. Lock the Windows

While talking about keeping your student accommodation secure, windows should also be locked along with the doors when you are not there. Expert locksmiths always advice that keeping the windows open can be a great invitation to the thieves. They can get easy access to your belongings or your apartment through those windows.

Do not forget to call the emergency locksmith services, in case you need some immediate help. These experts can help you in various critical situations.

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