In most offices, you can see the conventional type of metal lock and key technique to secure the space. It is popular because people trust this system. This is one of the oldest forms of securing a property in Shoreham. However, nowadays you can see other techniques and some of them are better than others. Though your 24-hour locksmith can suggest some of the best techniques of commercial door locks, you can do your homework too.

While opting for the best type of lock system for your office, you should consider a few things.

  • Vital Factors to Consider for Office Lock
  • Type of building you use as your office
  • Types of doors your office has
  • Additional security system for this space
  • Types of business you have

Metal keys with metal locks are conventional, and they are highly reliable too. This system is relatively inexpensive. But, when it comes to secure an entire office building, you cannot trust one single metal key. You need something more reliable, robust, and durable.

Commercial Locks

Types of Modern Commercial Door Locks

  • Card Readers

Cards with magnetic strips are one of the most popular alternatives to traditional metal keys for commercial buildings. Such cards activate these locks through the program encrypted in the same. This program can be changed if you need to change the locking system of your commercial building. Hence, it will remain secure and safe.

  • Numeric Keypads

You can opt for locks with numeric keypads or key codes. You do not need to carry any physical card or keys to open such locks. These locks can be reprogrammed, and you can change the lock code anytime you want to ensure the top-most security of your office building.

  • Biometric Scanners

This is another highly popular technique of securing the entrance of commercial places. It can be your fingerprints, retina scan, or the print of your palm that is required to open the lock. Your employees can use their fingerprints or retina or both of them to get entrance. This is one of the highly secured lock systems for modern offices.

No matter what type of lock system you have in your office building, you should always consider hiring 24 hour locksmith in Shoreham for the best service. They can offer you emergency locksmith services 24×7.

Haines Security is one such name. You can trust our 24 hour locksmith solutions for your home and business. Please get in touch with us for more information.