Keys are an essential part of every lock. With the right key set, you can determine the type of lock that should be used. Both keys and locks play an integral role in keeping the premises safe. Putting the wrong type of key in the lock might damage the same. You’ll get stuck with a solution. Under such situations, a 24-hour locksmith in Hove is the best solution. They have the keys and solutions to all problems. You can get help from the locksmiths. They will open any lock for you.

Get to know about the different types of keys.

What are the different types of keys you must know of?

Skeleton keys

The usage of skeleton keys has subsided to a large extent. Previously, they were used to open warded locks. These keys have a thin and slim cylindrical body made of metal with simple teeth at the end of the teeth. These keys have antique designs; hence, many people love to keep these keys as a part of their collection. If you’ve skeleton keys for your door locks, keep a duplicate in hand as opening the lock in emergencies gets difficult.

Dimple keys

Dimple-cut designs have varying depths at both ends of the keys. The dimple cut of the keys makes the designs unique and secure. If you want to add to the security of the property, this is the best option. These keys are secured, and it is only possible to duplicate them with the owner’s proper authorisation.

Double-sided keys

These types of keys have either 2 or 4 sets of teeth, which are present at the end of the key. These are either double-sided or four-sided locks, which are majorly used for the main doors of residential and commercial properties. Their complex lock designs make them a perfect choice for high-security premises.

Tubular keys

These keys are majorly visible in commercial properties and are tubular in shape. They also have a cylindrical shaft, which is used to unlock the locks. You’ll commonly find these keys in vending machines, bicycles or wardrobe locks.

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