When you are letting out your house, you’re automatically saddled with some additional responsibilities. As a landlord, you must ensure that your tenant experiences a safe stay. This means you must check that your house is fully secured and the electrical system is up and running.

Importance of Locks:

For better security of your property, you should not forget to monitor the lock system at your place. It is an important part of the house that ensures the safety and security of the tenants and their belongings. If you think the locks’ condition is not up to the mark, you may call a skilled emergency locksmith in Brighton to fix the issues.

When to Call an Emergency Locksmith as a Landlord?

In this blog, you can get some useful tips about restoring the different locks in your home. These will help make your property more secure and convenient.

  • Door Locks: This is the most basic lock system on your property. You cannot afford to ignore checking the condition of the door locks. As a landlord, installing the right kind of locks on the door is extremely vital. You can protect the house from a break-in and burglary by installing a proper lock. You can get better recommendations about suitable locks for the doors from your locksmith.
  • Garage and Shed Locks: Garages, outhouses and sheds are popular additions to various properties. Many landlords consider these as additional facilities. Therefore, it is important to check the safety and security of these properties as well. Do not delay in contacting a locksmith if the locks on these do not function properly. They can help to repair or replace the locks.
  • Window Locks: Installing locks on the windows may sound like a farfetched idea. However, it is an extremely important factor in preventing break-ins. You should definitely fix a lock to the windows of the ground floor rooms. These are easily accessible from the ground level and can help one enter the room by sliding through a window.
  • Creating New Keys: Making spare keys is a common service provided by local locksmiths. The process can be done smoothly if they have a mobile key-cutting device. Once the spare key is made, you must test whether the key is functioning properly. If all remains good, you can hand it over to your tenant.

You can do all these tasks by contacting a skilled locksmith near you. To get service from skilled emergency locksmiths in Brighton, contact Haines Security Limited. We can perform various works, including access control to fitting and repairing locks. Visit our website today to know more.