Relocation, end of tenancy or change of locks – many reasons provoke a homeowner to rekey the property’s lock. Rekeying is a safe alternative. The homeowners should often do this because this will ensure the safety of the locks and the premises. Changing the locks helps ensure that no burglars can enter the premises, and even if any earlier person had any malicious intent, the same would remain unfulfilled. For rekeying on an emergency basis, you can approach professionals for emergency locksmith in Brighton.

If you’re uncertain about the situations when a rekeying is required, then read on and check the same.

When would you need to rekey the lock of your property?


Moving to a new property

Whenever you move into a new property, in moments of excitement and happiness, the homeowners forget to change the property’s locks and keys. If you’ve moved into a second-hand property, rekeying is a must. On the contrary, you can wait for some time before changing the lock and opt for rekeying options for new builds.

Loss of key

If a family member has lost the key, you must call an emergency locksmith and get your lock changed and rekeyed. Losing a key poses a threat to the house as this might make the house vulnerable to burglars. There’s always a possibility that the key might be found by someone living nearby.

End of tenancy

If you’ve given your property on rent, then after the end of tenancy, make sure that you rekey the lock as the tenant will otherwise have access to the lock. Your tenant might not be having a wrong intention; however, there are cases when you can’t assure the same.

Relocation of roommate

For flats or compartments where a room is being shared by more than two people, under the situation of one person moving out, you must change the lock and opt for rekeying. When the roommate moves out, they will still have access to the room and locks. Hence you need to change the lock and rekey the same to ensure that complete security of the house is maintained.

Change of security guard

Whenever the security guard handling the keys of the commercial spaces is changed, the authority in charge must also rekey the locks. The security guards generally have complete access to the commercial premises; hence, you need to change the keys to ensure complete protection of the premises.

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