Choosing the right lock for the door is important. Locks provide security and safety. Hence the more complex the mechanism is, the better. Complex locks are generally difficult to access. Hence the security of your house or office will not be compromised easily. However, sometimes it may be a case that a complex lock might get stuck. In that case, always keep the number of 24-hour locksmiths in Lancing with you. Ultimately, the best lock for your home or office will depend on the type of security and the budget you have in mind.

For your convenience, here are some of the lock options that you can use for your front and back doors. They are advanced and complex enough to protect your unwanted burglars.

What are the different types of door locks you can try?

Smart locks

These are popular nowadays. They can be controlled with a remote control app from your smartphone. So you don’t have to get up from your seat to lock or unlock the door. Moreover the smart locks have keyless entry facility. So even if you have forgotten your keys, you can easily unlock the door with your smartphone app. If any burglar tries to open your smart lock, you will be notified over the app. Take action immediately.

Motor locks

These types of locks are installed in the edge of the door. This is a key operating lock, which is extremely difficult to open if you are unaware of the process. Hence it is easier for an intruder to pick or force open a motorised lock without alarming the people around the house. Motorised locks are majorly used in commercial officers and retail shops.

Knob locks

These are common forms of locks which are seen in most households. They have a door knob on one side of the door and a keyhole on the other side. They are generally treated as secondary locks and other primary ones are included with them. If you are low on budget, then knob locks are the most viable option for you.

Deadbolt lock

These locks are available in two types: namely cylindrical and double cylindrical. They are a growth option if you want to maximise the layer of security in your premises. Sometimes deadbolt locks are used as an extra layer of security even after a knob lock has been installed.

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