Are you moving to your new dream house? There’s absolutely nothing more exciting compared to this feeling. However, amidst the chaos of new home shifting, remember to change the locks and install new ones. When you’re handed over the keys to your new house’s doors, you should first change the lock.

Call a professional locksmith and ensure complete safety within your property. The simple logic behind the same is the copy of the keys of the lock of your new home is already there with a few other people, like the previous owner, agent etc. Hence, it would be best to change the lock before settling in.

For emergencies, you’ll find many 24-hour locksmiths in Hove who can help you out of such tricky situations.

Why do you need a locksmith service while buying a new home?

To rekey the new locks

Hire a professional locksmith for rekeying service of your new home. This service entails a minor change in the key while the locks remain the same. Knowing that your new house is completely secure and no one can barge in will give you peace of mind. During rekeying, if the locksmith comes across any damage to the new lock, they will also change the complete lock.

To secure your home

Home is the safest place for everyone. Hence, when people buy a new house, they try to upgrade the security system to make the home more secure. Professional locksmiths are trained to install high-security locks like smart locks, deadbolts and electronic keypads to secure your new home further. If your new house doesn’t have these facilities, then you must hire a professional locksmith and get it done.

To replace the locks

If you’ve bought a second-hand home, there’s a high probability that your locks might have been damaged. For that, while moving into the new home, replace the locks. Again many people try to fit the existing lock into the new home. Even under such situations, the lock’s aesthetics and positioning might not fit rightly with the new one. The locksmith is then forced to replace the same with a new one.

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