Keys not going inside the lock are almost like a nightmare. Especially if you are locked outside your house. Not only if the situation scary but even frustrating. The easiest way to handle the situation is by hiring a locksmith. They have the tools and experience required to open the lock the right way. So you don’t have to break the lock or smash the window to gain access to your home. They even know the various reasons why a key won’t go inside a lock and how to deal with the situation.

Has The Lock Become Too Dry?

Though you don’t have to worry about the mechanism of a new lock, they might get stuck when used for a prolonged period of time in the presence of cold, heat, rain, wind and dust. The pins inside it stop moving, and the spring loses its strength. More grease is required to overcome the friction, and the lock dries. The pins don’t go up when keys are inserted as the conflict is insufficient.

Don’t pour any liquid or grease inside the lock as they might mix with the dust and become a paste. If you ever feel that the lock has dried, get in touch with a professional offering emergency locksmith services, and they will let you know what type of lubricant should be used.

Is There Debris Inside The Lock?

Another reason why the key might not be going inside the lock is because of debris which has accumulated inside it. The easiest way to check this is by taking light and closely inspecting what’s inside the lock. Few common objects which generally gets inside the lock are paper, wooden matches, a broken key or some electrical wire. Though you can use a DIY debris extractor, it can deteriorate the condition of the lock even further. The best alternative is to get in touch with an experienced professional offering 24 Hour locksmith services.

Has The Key Bent?

You will be surprised to know that you will have a tough time opening a lock even if the key has bent slightly. Keys suffer wear and tear with the passage of time. They might also bend if you use the key to open a bottle, cut a rope, dig a hole, open a door or open a box.

Since you now know the various reasons why a key might not go inside a lock, hire an experienced locksmith to deal with the emergency situation.